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GREATER Cash Management

Imagine a world in which your cash management issues are all resolved, seamlessly, proactively, and personally, by a partner you trust. That scenario is reality at Greater Rome Bank. We offer a comprehensive suite of cash management tools that are delivered to you in a way that is customized to your business. You’ll have everything you need to maintain smooth and secure cash flow throughout all operations and functions, combined with the peace of mind that comes from working with a bank that stands poised to deliver and is focused on accelerating your business success at every opportunity.

Cash management tools include:



Internet Banking

Internet Banking is the around-the-clock key to your accounts - wherever you may be. Banking has
never been as easy and convenient as it is with FREE Internet Banking. You may also choose to add the FREE Bill Pay option.

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ACH Services 

ACH Origination is an efficient and secure way for your company to collect recurring payments from customers, make electronic transfers to or from other companies' accounts, and distribute funds for electronic payroll deposits, tax payments and other miscellaneous payments.

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Courier Service

Periodic pickup and delivery of deposit transactions and other documents is available through our courier service vehicle.

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Remote Deposit

Remote deposit allows companies to remotely scan the checks in their deposits, automatically convert those checks into industry standard check images, and electronically transmit them to the bank as a deposit. 

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Merchant Services

Let Greater Rome Bank set up your business to accept purchases made by credit card through our Merchant Credit Card Program. Give your customers plenty of payment flexibility by accepting a wide variety of credit and debit cards in your store and online.

Why should you accept credit cards from your customers?
If you are not accepting credit and debit cards now, you may be losing sales and taking unnecessary risks. The following are a few ways you can increase sales and lower your risk: 

Increase Sales:

  • Credit cards increase your customer's purchasing power. Your customer is not limited to the money in their pocket or even to the money they have in their bank account when purchasing your goods and services.
  • Almost all of your customers have at least one credit card and they use them wherever credit cards are accepted. Some consumers actually choose merchants because they accept credit cards.
  • Many of your customers are impulse buyers. While they are in your establishment you may be able to sell them something other than what they came to buy.
  • Credit and debit cards are easy to use. Many consumers prefer to use credit and debit cards because they are convenient, less of a risk than carrying cash.

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Sweep Accounts

A sweep account is a regular transaction account such as checking that offers convertibility of funds (sweep functionality) above a targeted balance into a higher yielding account such as a money market account. 

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Wire Transfers

Funds may be sent or received from almost any point in the world by wire transfer. Ask any bank officer or customer service representative about this convenient and affordable method of transferring funds.

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Night Depository

For making deposits after regular banking hours, our night depository is safe and convenient. Night bags may be rented for a onetime fee of $25.00.

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