Electronic Banking

Credit / Debit / ATM Cards


Please use the following 800 number to report a lost or stolen VISA Debit Card after business hours and on banking holidays.




Enjoy the benefits of world wide acceptance, cash advances and convenience checks. Greater Rome offers both Visa and MasterCard to qualifying customers. Talk with a Greater Rome loan specialist or customer service representative about how to qualify for one of these convenient credit card services.

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Debit Cards

Whether you're heading for the grocery store, the dry cleaners or that vacation destination, your Greater Rome Bank check card gives you the ultimate in convenience. With your check card you can pay for your purchases without having to write a check. The amount of your purchases is automatically deducted from your checking account and detailed on your monthly statement.

You'll also have the added safety of not having to carry large amounts of cash to make purchases. Your check card is accepted at over 17 million locations worldwide displaying the VISA logo.

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