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What is MFA (Multifactor Authentication)?
Online Banking's MFA is an easy way to help prevent fraud and identity theft. It consists of three parts: An image, a phrase, and confidential challenge questions. All three parts help protect you, whether you are signing in to online banking at your own computer, or somewhere else.

Why do I need enhanced login authentication?
This is an additional security step that can help prevent fraud and identity theft in two ways. First, it can help you verify that you are at the genuine Online Banking site and not a fake look alike site. Second, we will recognize you, and if we don't, we'll ask one of your secret challenge questions.

How does MFA work?
MFA uses a picture, a word or phrase that you have associated with your account, and challenge questions that nobody else knows. When you login, we'll show you your secret picture in Internet Banking or your secret key in Electronic Bill Pay. This verifies that you are at the correct Online Banking site. You can still access Online Banking from other computers, but the first time you use any computer you will have to verify your identity by means of a challenge question. This way, we'll know it's really you using your login ID, and you'll know it's safe to enter your password.

Do I need to change my password?
No. The MFA image, phrase and challenge questions are entirely separate from your existing login ID and password.

Does Premier MFA Device Print use cookies?
Yes. MFA places a cookie on your computer when you sign up. The cookie contains a randomly generated, unique number used as an identifier. On subsequent logins, your Web browser sends us this cookie, which lets us know you are using your own computer. The cookie is only visible to our Online Banking site and does not contain any personal information about you. You can still access Online Banking from other computers, but the first time you use any computer you will have to verify your identity by means of a challenge question.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a piece of information sent by a Web server, such as the Online Banking server, to your browser. Cookies may include information such as login or registration identification, user preferences, and so on. Your browser saves the cookie, and sends it back to the Web server whenever you return to that Web site. The Web server may use the cookie to customize the display it sends to the user, or it may keep track of the different pages within the site that the user accesses. In our case, the cookie contains a randomly generated, unique number used as an identifier, and no personal information whatsoever.

Your browser can be configured to alert you when a cookie is being sent, or to refuse to accept cookies. Some sites, however, including Online Banking, cannot be accessed unless the browser accepts cookies.

How does MFA provide more security?
MFA helps you verify that you are at the valid Online Banking site before you enter your password. Also, we know it's really you signing in because either we recognize your computer, or we ask you a challenge question.

What if someone tries to break in to my accounts?
When an unauthorized person tries to sign in from another computer, the computer will not have the necessary cookie. We will recognize that they are using a different computer, and we will ask them one of your challenge questions. They won't know the answer, so they will not be able to sign in.

What are challenge questions?
Challenge questions help prevent unauthorized people from getting access to your Online Banking information. That way, even if they have stolen your Online ID and phrase, they won't know the answer to your secret question.

What keeps someone from stealing my MFA image and message?
After you click on the login using MFA, we'll only show your MFA image and message if you sign in from your own computer. If you're at a different computer, we ask you one of your challenge questions to verify that it's really you.

When I enter my login ID, it asks me a question instead of showing me my chosen image. Why?
This is to help make sure it's really you signing in. We ask a challenge question when you sign in from a different computer, or when you've cleared all the cookies from your computer.

How do I know I am at the genuine Bank site?
You will see your MFA image. If you do not see your MFA image, try typing the bank's URL (www.greaterromebank.com) directly into the browser. If it still does not appear, call Greater Rome Bank at 706-295-9300.

How do you know that I am using my own computer?
We confirm that you are using your own computer with the cookie we place on your computer when you enroll in MFA. If we cannot find the cookie, we authenticate your identity using a challenge question.

Can I access Online Banking from other computers?
Yes, you can access online banking from any number of computers.

Can another Online Banking customer use my computer to sign in to Online Banking?
Yes, but the first time they sign in from your computer, they will be asked a challenge question to verify their identity.

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